Windshield Repair

Unexpected windshield damage can be inconvenient, but at AAA Auto Glass, we prioritize finding the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your vehicle's glass repair needs. Whether you opt for a quick repair or replacement, our range of service options, from drop-off to mobile service, ensures convenience every step of the way. Every windshield is guaranteed with our special lifetime warranty.

Can my windshield be repaired?

We can usually repair windshields if the damage meets these criteria:

the windshield damage is not in the driver's constant view

the impact point is smaller than a dime

there are no more than 3 chips in the windshield

the damage does not cover a camera or sensor

Speed is of the Essence

It is critical to repair minor windshield damage before it becomes a bigger problem that could require a full replacement.

repair is more affordable than replacement

minor damage can develop into major damage

repairs don't take as long as replacements

we use only the best materials and processes

our workmanship is guaranteed

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